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X-Ray Equipment

NXS have partnered with Shimadzu Co-op Japan for over 2 decades. Shimadzu were the pioneers in the X- Ray equipment field. In the region, they are used widely both in the public and private sector. The most attractive features of the SHIMADZU machines are their state of the art technology, the ability to work ceaselessly and tirelessly with little or no maintenance and its easy to use interface for the radiologists/ radiographers. The Shimadzu portfolio includes General X- Rays, Mobile X-Rays, C- Arms, Fluoroscopy machines and high end digital units.

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Sony Printers

The most important accessory for the ultrasound. A reliable means of printing out the findings of the examination, NXS are the SOLE Authorised agents for SONY Medical Equipment in East Africa, providing the means for excellent printing quality. Colour, black and white or digital printing, Sony’s Medical Solutions cater to multiple functionalities suiting the clients needs.

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NXS supply top quality and highly competitive contrast media products, including contrast media for CT, Cathlab, and MRI. Our product portfolio for contrast media is safe and reliable, providing accurate contrast enhancement properties.

NXS are also the only suppliers of Barium solutions and powders for Radiology in East Africa. Though a fading trend, the products have been on our portfolio for those of our clients who still use them.

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With increasing focus on high technology healthcare equipment there has been an increasing number of Cath Labs and other therapeutic radiological Units in the region. To ensure that with the capital investment the services provided are complete, NXS have -partnered with the biggest name in Vascular Injectors – Medtron. Medtron provide high end vascular injectors amongst other products.

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