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Baxter Gambro and NXS have teamed up to deliver the best in renal care. Baxter Gambro’s extensive product range together with their brilliance in dialysis care has made them the market leader globally. NXS offer all Baxter Gambro products together with their stamp of reliability and after sale support. We supply machines, consumables and water treatment units, together with all other related Baxter Gambro products.


Renal Dialysis Machine

Baxter Gambro and NXS have a wide range of machines suitable for your every need in the renal dialysis front. The state of the art Renal Intensive Care machine Prismaflex system and the AK96 Dialysis machine are a few of the units that can address your requirements. Baxter Gambro also make a range of self care heamodialysis machines as well as peritoneal dialysis equipment.


Dialysis Consumables

Baxter Gambro manufacture and sell all the consumables that are required for efficient dialysis treatment. From Bloodlines to fistula needles, Baxter Gambro also supply dialyzers and dialyzing solutions for accurate and safe patient treatment.


Water Treatment

The most important aspect for reliable and safe dialysis is the water supply. With Baxter Gambro’s solutions to cater either for single patient water treatment units or a larger capacity water treatment unit for busy hospitals/ Dialysis Centres, we can provide you with the right water treatment for your unit and patient flow.



Liver failure is similar to kidney failure in the respect that it results in accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream. However the clinical differences between how these toxins are cleared from the body, Baxter Gambro has a range of highly specialised equipment and consumables, built to perform LIVER DIALYSIS.

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