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As a part of our corporate responsibility program, NXS together with the rest of the Vanguard Group of Companies are part of a Non Governmental Organisation.

Global FICS is a NGO whose mission is, ‘to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in developing countries’. Global FICS provides durable medical equipment, medical education, training and resources to improve the infrastructure and delivery of healthcare services to the needy, in Kenya and East Africa.

GLOBAL FICS provides medical equipment from donors in the United States. Donors mainly comprising of hospitals who are in the process of upgrading and/ or corporate manufacturers- especially those related cardiovascular equipment, like GUIDANT and MEDTRONIC. The donated equipment is then transported to East Africa and engineers in Nairobi facilitate the installation and operation of the equipment. Global FICS also provides state-of-the-art training to medical technicians, nurses and physicians in an effort to reward dedicated clinicians who choose to practice in under served areas.


From its inception, FICS has provided:

Cardiac Pacemakers for over 40 needy and underprivileged patients.
Stethoscopes, BP Cuffs and various other medical consumables, and equipment i.e. Stress Test units, Defibrillators, Paediatric ventilators, infant incubators, infant warmers, Paediatric Ultrasound and monitoring equipment to Kenyatta National Hospital
Consumables, patient monitor’s Bp Machines ETC to St Francis Community Hospital
Medical books to various nursing schools
Children’s books donated to underfunded governmental schools and slum projects
Maternity Medical Equipment and Paediatric equipment to Pumwani Maternity Hospital

Global FICS conducted the first implant of a bi ventricular pacemaker in Kenya, at the Nairobi Hospital in February 2006. NXS supports the foundation by providing manpower, technical expertise and points of contact for charitable pursuits. With their vast resources in the region available to FICS, it makes for a perfect partnership, ensuring their services are aimed at those who need them most. All donated equipment are well maintained by our team of engineers, ensuring donated equipment remain functional for as many years as possible.

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